Indexing Services

We offer a large variety of indexing services.  We can build a database from the ground up and even provide you with a personalized application to utilize your information complete with customizable reporting tools

We Specialize in Real Estate Records

We have built and managed real estate title databases across the country.  We are familiar with all types of real estate documents and court proceedings.  We stand ready to help on any project, anywhere, big or small.

Send us a few sample documents and a list of data elements and we will provide you with a detailed quote for indexing services or real estate database build. 

Handwritten Documents

Do you have documents that you are currently unable to search or edit?  Handwritten, Blurred image?  No problem.  Our team can transcribe your document, line by line.  Each document is typed twice and verified for accuracy.  The cost for this service usually comes out to around .30 per line.

Just select “Start Quote” below and upload up to 10 documents to be transcribed.  Enter any additional instructions and selected format and we will get to work.  Often we can return your documents within 24 hours once the quote is accepted.

Upon completion, we will email you a link where you can pay for and download your completed documents.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you have a bulk order, amounting to more than 10 documents, please submit a small sample (up to 10 documents) along with additional instructions and selected format and we will respond promptly with a detailed quote and timeline for project completion.  



For any inquiries please email

Verified Data Management Services