Text to Text Transcription

Do you have documents that you are currently unable to read, search or edit? We will transcribe your handwritten notes, documents, receipts or any other important document you wish to preserve.

Put your handwritten records to work

Our team can transcribe your documents, line by line. Each document is typed twice and verified for accuracy. We can even link the transcribed copy back to the original document for side by side viewing. Upon completion, you will have a digital copy of your document, complete with searchable text for easy indexing and reference.

Sample Cost of Transcription

Pricing is often dependent upon several factors. If the handwriting is reasonably legible and in an orderly format, you can expect to pay around $.30 per line. If the lines are limited to fewer than expected characters, you could pay even less. That includes 2 passes of data entry, a quality comparison check as well as a variety of other error checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the documents have already been scanned, and simply need to be uploaded to our site  We can provide you detailed instructions.

If documents have not been scanned, please let us know and we can arrange to have them scanned for a reasonable fee.

Our indexers are very experienced, and since the document is keyed twice, there are two attempts to identify the characters.  If both indexers are unable to read the text, a marker will be placed alerting you to the fact that a string of characters was illegible.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  Any error found within a document can be submitted to us and corrected free of charge.

How It Works?

Step One

Continue to the Checkout Page and attach the images you wish to have transcribed.
If this is a bulk order, upload at least 10 pages as a sample and we will provide you with directions for uploading the remainder upon approval of the quote.
If you are unable to attach files, we will contact you for samples.

Step Two

In the notes section of the Checkout Page, be sure to include any specific instructions you might have for transcription.
While most transcription projects are pretty straightforward, there are instances where customers would like for us to follow a specific format when transcribing.

Step Three

Submit your quote and we will contact you within 1 business day with any additional questions we might have and possibly provide you with a preliminary quote and project timeline.

Let us put a quote together for you today

There is no commitment and satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you still have questions, send us an email or chat now.

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