Real Estate Title Plants

Need to index or build an extensive real estate title database? Our executive team has more than 50 years combined experience in building and maintaining real estate title indexes across the country.

We have built title plants all over the country.

We know real estate and we understand the complexities that come along with building a geographical index. We can build a title plant from scratch or take over your current indexing responsibilities

Sample Cost of Simple Build

Pricing is often dependent upon several factors. If images are available and property descriptions are straight forward, you can expect to pay as little as $.75 per document. That includes 2 passes of data entry, a quality comparison check as well as a variety of other error checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  We are more than happy to help you acquire copies of any public records that you require in your title plant.

Yes.  Order tracking is an important tool in a title plant.  

A support license for a customized data entry application is included with any title plant build.  

If you need help populating your plant go forward, we can offer ongoing data processing services for less than you would think.

Satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.  Any corrections can be submitted and corrected free of charge.

How It Works?

Step One

Continue to the Checkout Page and attach a few samples of the records for the county or district you wish to build a title plant for. Be sure to include several examples of local property descriptions. If you are unable to attach files, we will contact you for samples.​

Step Two

In the notes section of the Checkout Page, be sure tell us if you already have access to images or will require us to acquire copies of the images. Also, please note any specific functionality you would like the final application to have.

Step Three

Submit your quote and we will contact you within 1 business day with any additional questions we might have and possibly provide you with a preliminary quote and project timeline.

Let us put a quote together for you today

There is no commitment and satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you still have questions, send us an email or chat now.

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