Data Processing

We are experts in the data processing field.  We can build a database from the ground up, and even design a customized application for you to enter, retrieve and query your data.   

Real Estate and Court Case Data

We have decades of experience posting real estate documents and court case data across the country.  We understand these documents, the parties and property descriptions and we know how to post them accurately.

Special Projects

We can assist with a variety of information services including:

  • Data processing
  • Data conversion
  • Data analysis
  • Data collection
  • Imaging services
  • Transcription services

We specialize in real estate records

We have built and managed real estate recording and title databases across the country.  Even if we do not have direct experience in your state, we are familiar with all types real estate documents and property.  We stand ready to help on any project, anywhere, big or small.